Starting in the April 2022 examination session you will have the option to write your exams either through Virtual Proctoring or In-Person at one of our test centres. Students writing exams in April 2022 can book Virtual Proctored exams from September 2021 and In-Person exams from January 2022.

Final exams for CIP, GIE and RISK programs are held in April, July, and December each year.

Choose the exam delivery method that suits you

Virtually Proctored Exam
Choose to write a Virtually Proctored Exam if you:
•  Do not wish to travel to a test centre
•  Want to write your exam from a preferred location (including home)
•  Have access to a computer and internet set-up that meets system requirements
•  Show COVID-19 symptoms, have tested positive, or have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19

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In-Person Exam
Choose to write an In-Person Exam at a test centre if you:
•  Prefer a formal, quiet and secure exam environment
•  Live close to a test centre in Canada or internationally
•  Have a personal computer and internet that do not meet the system requirements for Virtually Proctored exams
•  Require proctoring services in French

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*Please note that for the December 2021 examination session the Institute will be offering Virtually Proctored Examinations along with Online Timed Examinations for students who cannot write Virtually Proctored exams due to system limitations or needing French access. After December 2021, Online Timed Examinations will no longer be offered.

**A list of exam centers and capacity will be available in January 2022 and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.