National leadership awards

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National leadership awards

The CIP Society National Leadership Awards were launched in 2009 to celebrate the achievements of leaders in the insurance community. Applications are accepted from four regions: Western, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic. Candidates can be nominated by colleagues in two categories: Emerging Leader and Established Leader.

To qualify for an award, nominees must hold either a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP), or Honorary Chartered Insurance Professional (HCIP) designation. The applications are assessed by a judging panel composed of CIP Society members drawn from the four regions. Up to 10 individuals can be recognized annually.

The announcement of award honourees usually takes place in October each year, followed by various presentations to recognize winners between November and March. Award recipients are also inducted into the prestigious CIP Society Leadership Circle.

Nominate a leader

It's easy to nominate an award candidate. Review the eligibility guidelines on our application platform, gather the relevant information, and submit. Gathering all the application elements can take a little while so ensure you don’t leave it until the last minute!

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Things to keep in mind before you nominate a candidate:
  • Nominees must be an industry professional with a CIP, FCIP, or HCIP designation
  • Nominees must be in good standing with the CIP Society
  • Nominators do not need to be a CIP Society Member
  • Nominators are responsible for demonstrating the merit of their nominee
  • Award recipients are selected by a national judging panel

Qualities of an emerging leader

  • Team leader
  • Mentor
  • Impactful
  • Visionary

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Qualities of an established leader

  • Team player
  • Role model
  • Problem solver
  • Resourceful

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The 2023 national leadership award recipients

The CIP Society celebrates excellence in the p&c insurance community. The National Leadership Awards were created to highlight outstanding leadership across Canada. Recipients have been recognized by their peers for their positive impact and achievement in our industry.


Established leader category

John Taylor, CIP
President, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association, Cambridge, ON

At industry events, many remark that, “Everyone seems to know John!” His positive influence is felt everywhere. With 30 years’ experience, he is a sounding board for his staff, board of directors, member company CEOs, and industry colleagues. Galvanizing efforts to address today’s pressing issues, he worked collaboratively with organizations to mobilize staff and expertise to assist insurers impacted by Post Tropical Storm Fiona and the Alberta and BC fires. These collective efforts have had a significant and positive impact on policyholders across the country.

Emerging leader category

Thea Baird, CIP
Assistant Vice President, Broking Training Manager
AON, Conception Bay South, NL

Thea is a motivator and takes pride in everything she does and wants to see success in the insurance industry. Thea took on the role of Broking Training Manager where she trains a team located in India. She had to learn the culture and develop training that could be easily understood. She taught her team insurance basics; using knowledge gained from CIP courses to develop a training program built to guarantee team success. The future will look bright and prosperous with Thea being a key player.

Ngawang (Noah) Choedon, CIP
Senior Environmental Liability Underwriter
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Toronto, ON

Noah is one of Zurich Canada's visible culture contributors, and Environmental team senior leader. She is known as a go-getter and high achiever. In a single quarter, Noah was a lead contributor to Zurich Canada's Junior Achievement, having volunteered an evening each week for months to developing high school students' business and leadership skills. Educating students and promoting the possibilities of an insurance career. Noah is amazingly empathetic, caring, and determined. A well-reasoned voice that has earned a lot of respect from her team, peers, and management.

* These profiles are based on excerpts from nomination packages.

Past winners

Established Leaders:
Carole Jardine, FCIP, CRM, ICD.C (2022)
Ginny Bannerman, MBA, CIP (2013)
Carla Blackmore, FCIP, CRM (2009)
Ron Bouwmeister, FCIP, ACS (2010)
Diane Brickner, CIP, ICD.D (2012)
James Cameron, FCIP, CRM, C. Arb. (2013)
Paul Croft, CIP (2019)
Paul Féron, FCIP, CRM (2018)
Glenn Gibson, CIP, CLA, FCIAA, CFE, CFEI, CFII-c (2011)
Andrew Janzen, BComm, FCIP, FRM, CAIB (2009)
Johanne Lépine, FPAA (2014)
Barry F. Lorenzetti, CIP (2012)
Paul Martin, CIP (2016)
Patrick McNally, BBA, FCIP (2009)
Lynn Oldfield, MBA, CRM, FCIP (2014)
Robert Pearson, FCIP (2016)
Greg Thierman, CIP, CFE (2010)
H. Ross Totten, FCIP, CCIB (2009)
Raymond White, BBA, B.Ed., FCIP (2010)
Monica Woldring, CIP (2019)

Emerging Leaders:
Renée-Léa Soucy, CIP (2022)
Bryan Bedford, B.Sc., FCIP, CRM (2015)
Rob Bickerton, BComm (Hons),CFE, CSWP, CGA, CPA, CRM, FCIP, FCPA, FCSI, FMA, LPCS, RPLU (2010)
Patrick Bouchard, PAA (2009)
Kyle Case, FCIP, CRM (2018)
Simon Charbonneau, BComm, FCIP (2011)
Andrew Clark, MBA, CAIB, CRM, FCIP (2011)
Drew Collins, BA, CIP, CRM, ACS (2012)
Anne-Marie Deschênes, CIP, CRM, AIB (2013)
Mathieu Gagnon, PAA, CRM (2010)
Vincent Gaudreau, C.d’A.A., FPAA, CRM (2011)
Lindsay Loughridge, B. Econ., FCIP, CRM (2013)
Ernest Mashingaidze, ACS, BBA, CIP (2019)
Melanie Needham, FCIP, CRM (2010)
Thomas Newby, CIP, CRM, CAIB (2009)
Tammie Norn, FCIP (2013)
Adrian Osti, B.Comm, FCIP, CTDP, CRM (2014)
Frederik Pelaez, BEng, MBA, FCIP, CRM, CIB (2012)
Phillip Robichaud, D.V.M., LL.B., FCIP (2009)
Sara Runnalls, FCIP, CRM, RIB) (2018)
Kevin Sigouin, BComm, CIP, CRM (2012)
Victoria Stanhope, MBA, FCIP, CRM (2018)
Jonathan Stone, FCIP (2009)
Laura Van Vliet, CIP, CRM (2016)