Easy-to-follow steps for nominating a leader

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With almost one month left before nominations for the National Leadership Awards close on June 1, we hope nominators are wrapping up the process of nominating a professional making outstanding achievements within their organization, the industry at large, and within their community.

With a number of elements to consider, we want to ensure the nomination process is going smoothly and speedy. Follow these steps to ensure your nominee has the best possible chance of being honoured as an Emerging Leader or Established Leader for the 2016 National Leadership Awards!

1. Timing – Putting together the nomination takes time, so try to start early. You may need to gather information about your nominee from various parts of their life – ensure you give adequate time for everyone involved to prepare reference letters and answer questions on the nomination form.

2. The Form – Nomination forms are available in PDF and Word format on the National Leadership Awards section of the website. Once you open the form from the website, immediately save it to your computer and work off that version. If you are experiencing difficulties saving or using the form, contact leadership@insuranceinstitute.ca.

3. Criteria – There are two separate forms for each of the categories: Emerging Leaders and Established Leader. Both forms consist of short and long questions pertaining to the following qualities of your nominee:

a) personal qualities

b) professional commitment and accomplishments

c) industry contributions

d) community contributions

e) qualities that set them apart from the competition

It’s important to provide concrete examples of how your nominee meets all the criteria of the award. Include insightful stories from the workplace and the community. Interesting and colourful stories will help bring your nominee to life and stand out as a national leader.

Remember that the nomination package also requires a resume/CV and 3-5 reference letters.

4. Questions –If you have any questions about the nomination process, contact your local chapter or email leadership@insuranceinstitute.ca for further assistance.

Posted by CIP Society on 4/25/2016