Emerging Trends - Drones and Insurance

Drones have certainly become very popular in the last year. So popular in fact that CBC reported that Santa was to deliver a million drones for Christmas, making them a most popular Christmas gift this year.

As insurance professionals, you may want to learn more about how drones work, the rules around flying un-manned aircraft, and the potential for first-party damage and third-party bodily injury and property damage liability coverage and claims. The CIP Society has a trends paper on Drones that may help.

This paper on drones is one of many emerging trend topics that the CIP Society has addressed and published monthly under the banner ADVANTAGE Monthly. As of January 2016, this paper on drones and many more like it on emerging trends are now available on our website, accessible not only to graduates as they were, but now available to all members. Check out our open library of trends papers here.

More about drones: Members may also find this video informative as it was viewed during the CIP Society’s ADVANTAGE LIVE webinar on drones on December 1, 2015 and presents Transport Canada’s rules of engagement, which are setting the basic standard of use globally.

Posted by CIP Society on 1/15/2016