Are your clients prepared for an emergency?


Ted Koppel, former ABC news anchor, released the book Lights Out, which reveals that a major cyberattack on America’s power grid is not only possible but likely, that it would be devastating, and that the United States is shockingly unprepared for such an attack. Koppel says that cyber time bombs are threatening to take down the power grid, and the government needs to take action now to not only protect the system, but education the public about how to prepare for such an attack – because when this happens, there will be no use of power or mobile phones to receive or deliver communication throughout the country.

Canada is no safer from such a disaster. Extreme weather-related occurrences caused by climate change continue to break records and undermine existing disaster models. At the same time, experts predict unprecedented man-made disasters, such as a cyber-attack on the power grid or a nuclear plant, which can result in long-term emergency situations.

Do your clients have an emergency plan for their home or business? What if emergency situations outlast the 72-hours we’ve been told to prepare for? How do you engage your customers in a conversation about emergency planning? How can the insurance industry play a role in helping to educate the public about disasters and mitigating risk?

May is Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Week, and in honour of the important educational and awareness it brings, the CIP Society is presenting Disaster and Emergency Planning: Are your clients ready for an emergency outlasting 72 hours?

This webinar, presented by Pete Karageorgos, Director, Consumer & Industry Relations at Insurance Bureau of Canada, will cover the following information you need to share with your family and clients:
• The types of natural and man-made disasters most likely to occur in Canada
• Disaster risk assessment (intensity and probability or frequency)
• Current emergency planning best practices for home and business
• Examples of lessons learned from long-term emergencies
• The industry's education and public education and risk-migration plans

If you register before April 28, you will be entered to win an emergency preparedness kit! Space is limited, so register today!


Posted by CIP Society on 4/20/2016