Automated Vehicles Report Gaining Traction in the Insurance Industry

Automated Vehicles ReportSince its launch in May, our report, Automated Vehicles: Insurance Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada, has received over 2,000 downloads and national media attention.

The report raises many important questions that the insurance industry will need to address in the next 5-10 years to prepare for automated vehicles on Canadian roads. While 5-10 years seems far away, recent announcements like Uber’s plan to test its ridesharing service with driverless cars as an experiment in Pittsburgh and the fatal Tesla crash in early July shows that while automakers and consumers are ready for automated vehicles, the insurance industry still has many questions to answer.

The purpose of the report is to address the burning questions that will affect road safety, the cost of repairs, and the ethical issues related to automated vehicles. It is important for the insurance industry to begin now to prepare for the extensive changes automated vehicles is expected to ultimately bring to the industry.

These articles reference our report and provide you with even more insight about the insurance and road safety implications of automated vehicles in Canada:

 Date   Publication   Article
May 5, 2016 Canadian Underwriter  Insurance Institute of Canada issues “call to action” on driverless vehicles
May 6, 2016 Canadian Insurance Top Broker Critical time for insurance industry to get involved with automated vehicles
May 25, 2016  Canadian Underwriter  Insurance industry ‘has to be ready’ for automated vehicles: Insurance Institute speaker
May 26, 2016  Insurance Business Canada  Insurers have five years to adapt to self-driving cars
May 27, 2016  Insurance Business Canada  Self-driving car experts question manufacturer liability promise
June 23, 2016  Auto Service World  Insurance Institute releases report on automated vehicles
June 27, 2016  Collision Repair Mag  Insurance Institute report examines challenges of insuring autonomous vehicles
July 5, 2016     Insurance Business Canada     Accident shows insurers have much to learn about self-driving cars
July 5, 2016 Tesla's recent self-driving accident may pit automaker versus insurance company
July 5, 2016  BMW Blog  Will Tesla’s Autopilot accident stall autonomous progress?
July 11, 2016   Thompson's World Insurance News Vehicle automation presents challenges (PDF)
September 25, 2016 Toronto Sun Insurance companies take cautious approach to driverless cars
September 26, 2016 Insurance Business Canada  Industry to welcome driverless cars with cautios optimism: IBC 

Interactive media and articles related to automated vehicles

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Consumers are ready for automated vehicles, but is the insurance industry? Read about the new
Tesla Model 3
and the consumer support behind its semi-autonomous “Autopilot” hardware. Learn more about the report, Automated Vehicles: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada.

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Posted by CIP Society on 10/3/2016