Automated Vehicles in Canada - Consumers are ready, but is the insurance industry?

Semi-automated vehicles have begun to replace conventional cars and trucks on Canadian roads. As conventional vehicles share the roads with semi-automated vehicles (sometimes referred to as autonomous cars) and the first driverless cars, the challenge for the insurance industry over the next 10 years will involve determining who is responsible for collisions.

This spring, the Institute is preparing to release Automated Vehicles: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada – an important report that assesses the developments of automated vehicles on Canadian roads within the next 5-10 years.

More and more we are hearing about automated vehicles in the news, from the Google car to Tesla. It seems like manufacturers and consumers are ready for driverless cars, but there are still many unanswered questions for the insurance industry:

• Will vehicles have on-board devices to identify whether or not the vehicle’s technology was engaged at the time of a collision?
• Will insurance companies be allowed to access this information?
• How will insurance companies recover costs when automakers are found to be at fault?
• How can property and casualty insurers reduce their risk of loss?
• How should costs be shared when driver errors and vehicle automation systems failure both contribute to a collision?


In anticipation of the release of the report, we’ve collected some interactive media and articles that are sure to get you excited for the release of our report this spring – enjoy!

What will an accident free future look like? View (works best on Chrome) an interactive timeline exploring what the future may look like if driverless cars take over the roads by the middle of the century.

Google Self-Driving Car Project - Watch the Google car navigate through city streets!

Steeri self-driving car parody – You’ve already seen what Siri can do for your phone; watch this video to see what Steeri can do for your car!

Are humans prepared for the driverless car? Listen to this podcast that discusses the fascinating phycology behind the way humans respond to technology.

Driverless cars in movie and television historySee the top 10 most memorable driverless cars in movie and television history.

Consumers are ready for automated vehicles, but is the insurance industry? Read about the new
Tesla Model 3 and the consumer support behind its semi-autonomous “Autopilot” hardware.

Learn more about the report, Automated Vehicles: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada.

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Posted by CIP Society on 4/11/2016