Mentoring can play a significant role in your career development.


"One of my greatest mentors . . . knew from the day I walked in that office that I wanted to be more, that I was going to be more, and he was going to do everything in his power to push me to get there. His mentorship had the ability to keep me moving forward and is definitely what has gotten me to where I am today."
~ Jenna Leigh, CIP, BBA


Even the most experienced of insurance industry professionals talk about the role mentorship has played for them over the course of their career.

As a mentee, you know there is lots to be learned – personally and professionally – in this industry and that you could benefit from more experienced professionals in your organization, or industry, sharing their knowledge and experiences with you. If you are especially interested in achieving particular goals, a mentor may be able to help guide you in your development. 

Mentors are often able to lend subject matter expertise, can assist you in managing your working relationships effectively or building your network, offer guidance to support your continued knowledge building and skill development, or can even serve as a sounding board when it comes to your career decisions.


"I recall being faced with a series of challenges. I wasn't sure how to proceed. And I was very fortunate to be able to get some advice [from a mentor], that gave me the confidence to do the right thing.
To do it with conviction. That was very powerful for me. And I'm grateful for that [mentor relationship] still."

~ Neil Morrison, BA (Honours)


To encourage industry professionals to seek out and benefit from mentoring, we built mentoring into the career maps. Regardless of your role or which phase of your career path you are in, you'll find potential goals and/or benefits identified that a mentee or mentor may seek or gain from a mentoring relationship. 

You will want to talk to your manager or HR Team to see if your organization has any tools or programs in place. There may be formal or informal opportunities for mentees and mentors within your organization.

To encourage more effective mentoring in the industry, The Insurance Institute of Canada’s CIP Society put together a great set of tools and resources for mentees and mentors on the mentoringAdvantage website.

TIP: Mentorship can be a constant in your current and future career path. Your goals may change and relationships may change, but mentoring can help at many stages along your career journey. You are encouraged to revisit the concept often to assess how mentoring may help you achieve your goals.