Develop and demonstrate leadership competencies at each step in your career.

          "There are certainly skills that I have seen throughout the course of my career that I've definitely wanted to emulate. One [leader] that I used to work for would stand up and speak to all of us with passion and excitement and such etiquette. And I looked at him and I knew that I would definitely want to work on my communication skills and leadership and passion."
~ Tammie Norn, FCIP

Leadership can often be associated with management or executive roles or with long tenure in an organization. But leadership competencies can be developed and demonstrated all along the course of your career.

What leadership means and what it might look like at each phase of your career may be different, but honing your capacity in this area is a key element of taking ownership of, and effectively managing, your career path.

The resources below will help you map out additional strategies to support your leadership development. You will likely find it helpful to revisit these resources annually to monitor your progress.


My Leadership Competencies Assessment Tool helps you to take stock of the attitudes, characteristics, values, and behaviours that comprise your leadership competencies. It also encourages you to reflect on how you have demonstrated leadership over the past year and if you are ready for additional responsibilities focused on leadership. In addition, you will be invited to consider whether you are best suited for technical or people leadership

My Leadership Competencies Tip Sheet explores the focus for interpersonal and professional leadership competencies at each phase of  your career path and provides suggestions of actions you can take or behaviour you can model to demonstrate your leadership competencies.