Engaging with the industry and in your community begins when and where your career journey begins.

        "One of the best decisions I made in the industry was to start volunteering with the Insurance Institute. The people I've met, the opportunities that have been created, and what I've learned, just from building that network, have been phenomenal."
~ Jennifer Perry, CHRM, CPM

There are many ways to get connected in the industry. For example, you could subscribe to an industry publication or e-newsletter, join an industry/professional association, participate in a webinar or seminar, sit on a committee at the Insurance Institute, or engage in one of the many other volunteer roles available at the Institute or in the industry.

There are benefits to industry engagement for early career professionals and seasoned industry leaders alike, such as:

  • staying abreast of current industry trends/drivers
  • building your professional network
  • providing opportunities for you to hone skills you might not be able to in your current role
  • realizing the importance of ‘giving back’ to the industry as a whole


My Industry and Community Engagement Tip Sheet can help you identify ways to engage in the insurance community (or the community you live in) at each phase of your career.