Participating in performance discussions can help you navigate along your career path.

Your active participation in performance conversations not only helps to demonstrate your engagement in your work and commitment to continuous improvement, but also ensures that you are maximizing the benefits that can stem from the performance management, development planning, and career conversations processes in your organization.

You will likely want to have a conversation with your manager and/or HR team to better understand the tools and resources available and that underpin this process.

The resources below can be useful in preparing for your annual/semi-annual performance review or any career conversations with your manager. It is suggested that you revisit these tools throughout the year. 


My Performance Assessment Tool is intended to complement any existing tools your organization has in place and to help make these types of conversations as easy, comfortable, and fruitful for you as possible. You will have a chance to take stock of your accomplishments/success, think about how you have demonstrated skills and competencies on the job, identify opportunities for further development, and set both short term and longer term goals.

My Performance Tip Sheet is useful in helping you identify the intentions behind performance and career conversations, your opportunities to make the dialogue as rich as possible, and best practices. You will also have the opportunity to explore and understand that, while no system is entirely perfect, with the right frame of mind and approach, performance and career conversations with your manager can be invaluable.