Fireside Chats


Heather Masterson, BA, BEd, FCIP

President and CEO Heather Masterson tells us how taking risks and 'getting comfortable being uncomfortable' helped to shape her impressive and dynamic career trajectory. 



Darlene Diplock, CIP, CRM

Darlene tells us how she went from answering phones at a small brokerage to becoming a Commercial Lines Producer. She shares the benefits of leveraging a mentor, the value of lateral moves and why sometimes a step back is really a step forward.



Bob Tisdale, MBA, FCIP, CRM, ICD.D

President and COO, Bob Tisdale shares his career trajectory, from starting out as a clerk and becoming a VP by age 30. He tells us about his major milestones, his strategies for getting ahead and how he's achieved work-life balance throughout.



Lynda Silk, BA, FCIP

Underwriting Team Lead, Lynda Silk tells us how her pursuit of interesting roles and opportunities for personal growth has taken her from underwriting to risk and governance to what she describes as an energizing role in people management.



Jenna Leigh, CIP, BBA

Underwriter, Jenna Leigh tells us what she loves about  the insurance industry, how mentoring has impacted her career trajectory, where she sees her career goals taking her and how she's planning to get there. Since taping this video, she has reached her next career goal: the Foundation stage of People Management.


Jobin Thomas, BSc, CIP, CRM

Loss Adjuster Jobin Thomas, tells us why he thinks education is key, how he's benefited from his mentors and what advice he'd offer to others on how to make the most of the many opportunities the insurance industry has to offer.