Insurance has a workforce of over 120,000 strong and career paths as diverse as its people.

To get the conversation started, we asked 22 industry professionals about their career paths. We invite you to watch the videos.
  • Learn how they mapped their careers, often changing directions along the way.
  • Hear about their career milestones shaped by education and experiences.
  • Listen to stories of their most memorable moments, best bosses and the mentors who helped along the way.
  • Get advice that may shape your career perspective and goals.

To continue the conversation, we'll be blogging about the career paths of other industry professionals, about best practices in career development and career management, about emerging issues and trends in insurance that may clarify your career goals. 

To join the conversation, you are invited to tell us your story:  How did you get into insurance? What is it about insurance that keeps you here? Has your career been a linear progression? Ever take a step back, explore a different role to benefit you in the future?

Or perhaps you have a great piece of advice that you received about the “next step” of your career in insurance? Or maybe you have some advice that you would like to give to somebody charting a career in insurance?

Email your name, designations, company and years in the industry, along with your career story and/or advice to This "Experience Speaks" section of the site will grow in the weeks and months ahead.