Developing management and leadership skills

Leadership tends to be focused on the skills required to create a vision and inspire others to follow. Key characteristics can include decision-making, and being strategically focused.

Management tends to be focused on the skills required to execute the details of the vision and strategy set out by leaders. Key characteristics can include delegating, communication, motivating others and performance management, as well as transitioning into the role of management.

It’s important to note that Leaders may also manage and Managers may also lead.

Opportunities for decision-makers to enhance your understanding of issues impacting the industry include:

P&C Insurance: Essentials for Board Members and Executives - These two courses are specifically designed for corporate directors and executives who have entered the p&c insurance industry from other sectors. As the Institute has found in recent industry research, it is critical that newly recruited senior leaders be contributing to their full potential as quickly as possible. These courses provide solid grounding needed to fulfill senior business roles in the industry and ensure decision making is grounded in day-to-day business realities.

CIP Society Symposium - this full day of professional and leadership development features numerous networking opportunities with insurance and business leaders. With prominent keynote speakers, expert insurance and business presenters, and Up Close & Personal sessions with industry leaders, CIP Society Symposium provides a fresh outlook on where the industry is headed. Started in Toronto over 10 years ago, this event has now expanded to include one-day conferences in Southwestern Ontario, Vancouver, BC and coming soon Edmonton, AB and Halifax, NS.

Advantage Live webinars presented by the CIP Society for graduates of the CIP and FCIP programs.

Emerging Issues Research Series includes comprehensive research reports on cyber risks, automated vehicles and coming April 2017, sharing/social economy. 

Trends papers on hot topics and emerging issues in the industry like Uber, Airbnb, drones, fracking, forest fires, emergency preparedness, and many more topics in the news today.