The CIP Program. Learning for the Real World.

The Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) Designation is the benchmark of insurance professionalism.

The changing face of insurance requires that you grow your knowledge from insurance fundamentals to increased complexity, to lines of business, to increasing specialization and complex risks.

This 10-course program gives you a broad level of knowledge enabling you to fully understand your customers’ and organizations’ needs. The program includes key areas of insurance such as automobile, property, liability and specialty lines from both the personal and commercial perspectives. Relevant career path material is integral to course- and program-design components.

The CIP designation opens doors to virtually any career in insurance, and the program is designed with career flexibility in mind. The CIP Program also provides specific focus areas on the three primary career paths in the industry: broker and agent; underwriter; and loss adjuster. If you’re already on a specific career path, the CIP curriculum allows you to gain management-level education in your chosen role. If you want to keep your career options open, the program allows you to maintain a broader perspective by taking courses in all three Applied Professional series.

Within the career maps, many specific courses are recommended:


C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance
C12: Insurance on Property
C13: Insurance Against Liability—Part 1
C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1
C16: The Business of Insurance

C110: Essentials of Loss Adjusting
C111: Advanced Loss Adjusting
C112: Practical Issues in Claims Management
C120: Underwriting Essentials
C121: Advanced Underwriting
C122: Practical Issues in Underwriting Management
C130: Essential Skills for the Insurance Broker and Agent
C131: Advanced Skills for the Insurance Broker and Agent
C132: Practical Issues in Broker Management
C57: Cargo and Goods in Transit Insurances (Marine course)
C58: Marine Hull and Associated Liabilities—Part 1 (Marine Course)
C59: Marine Hull and Associated Liabilities—Part 2 (Marine Course)

ELECTIVES (2 required)
C20: Cyber Risk
C32: Bodily Injury Claims
C36: Building Construction, Fire Hazards and Basic Hazards (SCM Risk Management Services Inc. text)
C39: Fraud Awareness and Prevention
C40: Business Interruption Insurance
C43: Specialty Lines
C47: Reinsurance
C48: Automobile Insurance—Part 2
C49: Insurance Against Liability—Part 2
C70: Gateway to Commercial Insurance