Industry & Community Engagement

Foundation Foundation

Broaden your industry awareness
  • Subscribe to on-line newsletters and industry publications
  • Visit industry websites and monitor social media channels
  • Consider joining professional associations or becoming involved at your local Institute / Chapter

Building Building

Build your industry network
  • Attend industry conventions and special events
  • Connect and network with key contacts at industry functions
  • Volunteer at an organization that resonates with you or at an industry function

Enahncing Enhancing

Increase your level of engagement
  • Consider joining a committee or working group at your local Institute / Chapter
  • Seek out boards / working groups aligned to your interests / specialization (i.e. Canadian Independent Adjusters Association, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, etc.)
  • Continue to expand your network by attending events focused on your emerging areas of interest
  • Consider becoming a Career Connections Ambassador

Mastery Mastery

Lend your expertise to the industry or your community 
  • Volunteer as a member of a local council or a national task force; become an Institute Instructor; or find a volunteer role in your community
  • Explore potential participation in research within the industry, roundtable / panel discussions, or presenting on a topic at a conference or event
  • Engage your insurance network through participation in industry events
  • Determine ways to give back in a meaningful way in your community