Leadership Competencies

Mastery Mastery

Share your knowledge and expertise for the benefit of others
  • Establish a reputation for building cross-functional relationships, managing conflict, and making things which are complex easily understood
  • Seek opportunities for ‘stretch’ assignments with leadership focus or leading projects / internal committees in your area.
  • If on a people leadership track, foster a climate of engagement and develop an effective management style

Foundation Foundation

Demonstrate your ability to listen and to be curious
  • Focus on active listening, synthesizing information and making connections, asking the ‘right’ questions, and recommending a course of action
  • Establish a reputation for respect, reliability, and engagement in the business

Building Building

Hone your business acumen
  • Cultivate strong internal / external working relationships (ie. with brokers, team members, regulators, claims professionals, etc.)
  • Build a strong sense of ethics and teamwork to demonstrate your capacity for leadership

Enhancing Enhancing

Consider how YOU will lead
  • Demonstrate a high degree of business acumen -- problem solving and decision making, critical thinking, and capacity to work autonomously – as your scope of authority increases
  • Seek opportunities for ‘stretch’ assignments, contributing to project teams/internal committees, or engaging in process improvement in your area
  • Evaluate which 'track' feels in keeping with your leadership goals: technical consultant or people manager?