Licencing Program Text and Supplements - Addenda

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Insurance Licensing Supplement Addenda

When we update or revise one of our licensing supplements, we usually publish an addendum for the supplement that shows content that has been added to or removed from the existing publication. An addendum is useful for students who may have the original version of the supplement. Below, we have provided PDF versions of the addenda currently in circulation. 

Addenda for CIP Textbooks Used in Licensing

Textbooks from our Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP)  program are used for certain types of licensing. Please refer to for addenda for CIP textbooks used in licensing.

Licensing Supplement Addenda


File Size

Ontario Automobile Insurance Supplement February 2014 226 KB
Ontario Automobile Insurance Supplement May 2016 23 KB
Saskatchewan Automobile Licensing: Restricted Agent  December 2015  254 KB