CAVOK-Virtual Beer Tasting Event 2020


Moncton, NB [Carte]
Date and Time: septembre 10, 2020 6:00 p.m. Atlantic

After a long summer of hard work PLEASE join us for our very first virtual Beer Tasting Event 2020! Help us support our local brewery CAVOK and enjoy 3 choice of their finest freshly brewed beer.

Prior to your registration you will receive a package at your home of 3 selected beer. You will then be invited to assist a virtual tasting and enjoy your beer in the comfort of your own home while mingling with friends from our industry.

A beer sommelier, also called a cicerone from CAVOK, will be online to talk about the beer that you will be tasting.

The craft beer craze makes for some wonderful drinking but understanding the complex language of craft brews is enough to make your head foam. A beer is never "just a beer" in the complicated vernacular of microbreweries and handcrafted draft beers. To the sophisticated craft brewer, a beer might be described as" caramel malt with floral aroma and citrus notes."

We are happy to present this event in collaboration with CAVOK a local Brewing Company. Our proud sponsor CEP Forensic Inc and the Insurance Institute of New Brunswick are extending our invitation to you, your family and friends to attend our first virtual beer tasting event.

Please Join us for a great evening of mingling and chatting while tasting 3 of their beer! We are looking forward to seeing you all Virtually!


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