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Give yourself the best chance of success in your licensing exam.

The Insurance Institute is a trusted source of education for the p&c industry in Canada, and we want to ensure that new entrants to our industry are well-prepared.


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We're pleased to offer several different learning modes to suit your needs.

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Learning modes explained


• Self-study kit
If you prefer independent study or if you need to be able to schedule studying to suit your busy professional and personal commitments, this format is perfect for you. Our course materials are presented as a self-directed learning kit to help you prepare for the licensing exam.

• Recorded virtual class
This format is perfect for those who like a hybrid learning environment. Learn when and where it suits you, with 90-day access to our pre-recorded lessons. You'll also have access to seasoned instructors and live study group sessions.


• Virtual class
If you prefer a structured, live classroom environment but need to be able to do it from the location of your choice, this format is for you. Virtual classes are taught live by an experienced licensing instructor. They include instruction with PowerPoint presentations, interactive learning activities, discussions on emerging trends within the insurance industry, online quizzes and assignments, and a course review session.

• Classroom / In-class
If you prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment, this format is perfect for you. Our course materials are incorporated into a live, in-class environment for those who want to meet their peers, network and learn. In-class instruction allows students to share ideas, gain insights and broaden their skills and knowledge in a classroom setting.

New to the Industry?

Visit our "General Information for Newcomers" page for additional information on how licensing works in Alberta.

We wish you all the very best in your broker licensing exams and look forward to assisting you to prepare effectively.