Independent Adjuster Licensing in Northern Alberta

Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Prep Course

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The Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Prep Course is a self-paced study offering that will assist you in preparing for the provincial Independent Adjuster Level 1 licensing exam administered by the Alberta Insurance Council.

The Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Study Kit will provide you with the curriculum that will assist you in preparing for the Independent Adjusters Level 1 licensing examination in the province of Alberta. The course material was selected to align with the Alberta Insurance Council's (AIC) curriculum for the Level 1 examination. The study kit is a self-paced study offering that will assist you in preparing for the provincial Independent Adjuster Level 1 licensing exam administered by the Alberta Insurance Council.

The study kit introduces you to the insurance business, essential skills of the insurance adjuster including insurance intermediaries, the insurance company, basic documents, insurance practices and automobile insurance, with supporting and supplemental materials that outline the Alberta perspective. It also covers, at an introductory level, law and insurance, insurance contracts, insurance organizations, fire insurance, the Homeowners policy, personal lines policies, liability insurance, commercial insurance coverage, reinsurance, risk management and loss prevention.

The Alberta Adjuster Level 1 licensing prep course is $350.00 plus GST/HST ($384.30 Including shipping & GST) and includes the following:

  • C81: General Insurance Essentials—Part 1
  • C82: General Insurance Essentials - Part 2
  • Alberta Automobile Insurance Supplement
  • Habitational Insurance Policy Wordings
  • SPF 1 Alberta Automobile Policy Wordings
  • C81: General Insurance Essentials - Part 1: Online Tutorial
  • C82: General Insurance Essentials - Part 2: Online Tutorial

To register to write the provincial Independent Adjuster Level 1 licensing exam please contact the Alberta Insurance Council to schedule an appointment.


If you prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment, this format is perfect for you. Our course materials are incorporated into a live, in-class environment for those who want to meet their peers, network and learn. In-class instruction allows students to share ideas, gain insights and broaden their skills and knowledge in a classroom setting. 

This course is designed to be an important step in obtaining your Level 1 license. You will  be provided with a variety of learning opportunities including quizzes using multiple choice questions similar to what you will experience in the exam. Because of the condensed nature of this course additional study outside of the classroom is recommended for the best opportunity for success.

Recognition by the Insurance Institute of Canada: Once you have successfully completed the Adjuster Level 1 provincial licensing exam you will be eligible to apply to the Insurance Institute to receive credit for C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance. C11 will give you one credit towards completion of your Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) program. The cost for this credit is $94.00 (plus GST).


Returns of Alberta Adjusterl Level 1 Kits will only be accepted within five (5) business days from the date of purchase, subject to a $50 restocking charge. Returned material must be in unused, like-new condition and accompanied by the purchase receipt.


To purchase multiple quantities, please call your local institute at 780-424-1268.


Call us at 780-424-1268 or drop in to our office at 204-10109-106 Street Edmonton.


 The Province of Alberta requires that Level 2 and Level 3 Independent Adjusters complete Insurance Institute CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional) courses to receive their license:

Level 2:  Following receiving a Level 1 license, an individual can apply for a Level 2 license when the individual:
•has at least 24 months of consecutive claims adjusting experience
•has successfully completed 6 courses from the Insurance Institute of Canada's CIP Program one of which must be C-15 (Loss Adjustment and Claims Settlements), C-17 (Claims 1), or C-110 (Essentials of Loss Adjusting).

Level 3:  An individual can apply for a Level 3 license when the individual has successfully met the Level 2 license requirements and:
•has completed the Insurance Institute of Canada's 10-course CIP Program
•has successfully completed the C-32 (Bodily Injury Claims) and either C-46 (Claims 2), C-41 (Property Loss Adjustment), or C-111 (Advanced Loss Adjusting) 
•has acted as an adjuster for at least 60 months within the 10-year period immediately preceding the date of application

For more information about the CIP program, contact the Insurance Institute of Northern Alberta or take a look at local course offerings or distance learning opportunities. 

Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Self Study Kit - Alberta

Adjuster Level I Licensing Kit Course Overview We have developed this self-study course to provide students with information that will assist them in preparing for the Adjuster's Level 1 Licensing Examination in the Province of Alberta. The curriculum for the course was selected to align closely with the Alberta Insurance Council’s (AIC) Curriculum Design Document (CDD) for Adjusters. This kit contains three textbooks, two supplements; and online tutorials. Students are responsible for ensuring ...

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Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Self Study Kit - Alberta $350.00
IINA C81 Text Gen L1/Adj L1 Kit Part
C81 Online Tutorial (2020)
IINA C82 Text Gen L1/AdjL1 Kit Part
C82 Online Tutorial (2020)
Alberta Automobile Insurance Licensing Supplement - 2022 Edition
Alberta Standard Automobile Policy (S.P.F. No. 1)
Comprehensive Homeowner, Tenant, Condominium Unit Owner Package Policy
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