BC Level 1 Licensing Exams

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Virtually Proctored Online and Vancouver In-person Computer-Based Exams

Examinations are routinely reviewed for irregularities and/or breaches of examination rules. Examination irregularities and/or breaches may result in disqualification of the examination and suspension of examination privileges. The regulator will be notified of all disqualifications and suspensions.

The Insurance Institute of BC is offering level 1 licensing examinations in an online format with virtual proctors. Beginning in September 2022, we will also offer computer-based exams in our downtown Vancouver office on select dates.

Licensing exams are subject to an additional proctor fee, per candidate, per attempt. The current proctor fee to take the licensing exam is $50 +GST. Please note that fees are subject to change.

Please read the Level 1 Licensing Exam Rules and Regulations: Click Here.

Scheduling an Exam:

At this time, exams can only be scheduled for the current administration period. If you wish to register for a future session, submit your request during the month of your preferred exam session. When a session is open it will be noted as "Yes" in the table above.

NOTE: For virtually-proctored exams, do not submit requests for specific dates/times, as the schedule of availability is only accessible by registered candidates.

To register for a licensing exam, please follow these steps:

1. Submit your BC Level 1 Licensing Examination Confirmation and Consent Form.
2. Contact Ana Zhdanova to process payment of the proctor fee to complete exam session registration. Ensure you indicate which textbook edition you are using for the exam.

For any questions or to register for an exam, please contact Ana Zhdanova at 778-328-3456.

Virtually-Proctored Exams:

Visit our Virtually Proctored Online Exam Information page for complete details on how this service works, as well as the technical requirements needed.

Refer to our OTL and Level 1 Agent/Broker licensing exams on the virtually proctored exam webpage for policies, FAQs, and troubleshooting guide.

Virtual proctoring involves the installation of software on a candidate’s laptop/computer and use of a webcam, among other requirements. The virtual proctor closely monitors candidate activity during the exam.

Technical requirements:

Laptop or personal computer (no mobile devices or tablets)
› Microphone and camera (headset mics are not permitted)
› Stable high-speed internet connection
› Chrome or Firefox browser
› Flash (or enable in Chrome browser)
› Ability to download and install software on the computer
Please test the system requirements to assess if your computer meets the specifications immediately after obtaining your exam registration email.

Virtually-Proctored Exam availability:

Online exam availability is limited, and time-slots are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you are unsuccessful with your exam and need to rewrite, it may take longer than usual to secure a time-slot for a reattempt.

Month Exam Dates Registration
Currently Open
Dec 1-22 Yes
Jan 8-26 Not Yet
Feb 5-23 Not Yet
Mar 4-22 Not Yet

Vancouver In-Person Exam Availability:

Exams are taken on laptops within locked down browsers and an in-person proctor. These exams take place on the dates listed below for each month, and begin at 9:30 a.m. These are held in our office at 800 West Pender St., Suite 1110, Vancouver. Advanced registration is required, no walk-ins are available.

Month Exam Dates Registration
Currently Open
Dec 20 Yes
Jan 17 Not Yet
Feb 14 Not Yet
Mar 13 Not Yet

Exam Information:

Study Skills and Exam Writing Tips for Licensing Exams; Click here for narrated PowerPoint. To use the PowerPoint, place it into Slide Show mode and click from the beginning and the slides will advance with the narration.

Exams for the 2020 textbook edition using the auto content from C82 Studies 1, 2, and 3 will be available through the January 2023 exam session. The new BC Auto Insurance Licensing Supplement will be required for all exams after January 2023. 

The level 1 licensing exam is a closed-book test and is two hours in duration. 70% is the minimum grade required to pass the exam. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions comprised of the following categories and sub-categories:

Industry Knowledge 37% of exam
• Insurance Companies, Categories, and Distribution
• Ethics and Professionalism
• Insurance and Risk Concepts
• Insurance Contract 
• Underwriting and Rating

Automobile Insurance
26% of exam
• Policy coverages, conditions, and exclusions 
• Automobile Insurance Application
• Insurance and Risk Concepts
• Ratemaking
Courses beginning on or after August 1, 2022, will utilize the auto content from the BC Auto Insurance Licensing Supplement.

Habitational Insurance 25% of exam
• Endorsements
• Fire Statutory Conditions
• Insurance and Risk Concepts
• Liability
• Policy Coverage

Commercial Property and Liability Insurance 6
% of exam
• Commercial Liability
• Commercial Property

6% of exam
• Claims