How The Insurance Industry can Help Prevent Fires, Fire Damage, and Fire-Related Death

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Regina, SK [Carte]
Date and Time: novembre 18, 2020 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. MST

How The Insurance Industry can Help Prevent Fires, Fire Damage, and Fire-Related Death.

Do you wonder on how to reduce the life safety risks for occupants as well as Fire Fighters, not to mention the dollar value lost each year due to the actual fire damage, water damage, and fire suppression damage after a fire breaks out. If so, this Webinar is for you!

Captain Roy Nolan of Saint John Fire departement is a experience instructor for the New Brunswick Fire Marshal’s Office and the New Brunswick Community College with respect to Fire Inspector and Fire Investigator Courses.


*Preamble - Overview of statistical findings
*Who - All of the key stakeholders are
*What - Any occupiable structure
*Where - In every jurisdiction across Canada
*How - Pre-inspections prior to taking on liability for a policy; on-going expectations for the client to comply with the minimum codes in that particular jurisdiction (prior to renewal); withholding payouts (if possible) until subsequent post-fire investigations/record inspections, as part of due diligence and as an accountability measure, are conducted.

Webinar Leader: Roy Nolan

Mr. Nolan Started as an Apprentice Fire Fighter with the Saint John Fire Department (SJFD), became a Journeymen Fire Fighter, then moved on to become a skilled Fire and Life Safety Educator, with hundreds of lectures to his credit, Fire Inspector, with thousands of inspections conducted, and Fire Investigator, with two hundred plus fire investigations completed

A webinar not to be missed!


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