Restricted Auto Licensing

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Get the skills and knowledge you need to better serve your clients, while meeting the requirements specified by the General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan.

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Our Restricted Agent course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the basics of automobile insurance and a solid foundation of knowledge about the laws, regulations and provisions that impact motorists in Saskatchewan.

Why our course?

• Our Restricted Agent licensing course offers everything you need to get licensed and be prepared to immediately service customers more professionally and efficiently.

• Our course is accessible in various formats to fit your demanding schedule and commitments.

• You'll have access to subject matter experts to support your learning.

• For your convenience, you can sit both exams with us, and can choose to sit them sequentially;

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The course requires you to successfully write two exams - your Restricted Auto final course exam as well as a By-laws exam. Here's the details:

• Restricted Auto exam - you must attain a passing mark of 60% on the course exam.

• By-laws exam - there are two types of by-laws exams:
1. The Restricted Auto by-laws exam is a 30-question exam that covers the material in the Insurance Council of Saskatchewan By-laws exam. You are responsible for obtaining the most recent copy of the ICS By-laws, and you must attain a mark of 75% to pass the ICS By-laws exam.
2. If you are planning on obtaining your General Level 1 licence after this, we suggest you skip the above exam and ask us about instead taking the General By-laws exam (40 questions). This exam is applicable to both Restricted Auto and Level 1 - meaning you don't need to take both by-laws exams. Please note the study materials are the same (the Insurance Council of Saskatchewan by-laws.

CE Hours

On completion of the examination, you’ll be awarded three (3) continuing education hours by the Insurance Councils Saskatchewan (ICS).