Learning Options

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Different learning options to suit different learning needs.

5-Day Virtual Level 1 Course This class runs at an accelerated rate and students should expect to move through the material quickly. To keep pace with the instruction, students are expected to have read the textbooks before the first class. Students also need to be fully committed to completing additional readings or homework as assigned by the instructor.

Recent Testimonials

"Our two new employees have really enjoyed the class and have gotten a lot out of it. Having someone so knowledgeable right there to answer any questions they had, and in a way that made sense was invaluable. I would highly recommend this to anyone. You guys are AWESOME and I appreciate everything you have done."

"As an employer, I would highly recommend this program. It was extremely beneficial to have the on-line trainer/educator to help with questions and explanations to be dealt with in real time. The content, testing and support that the Insurance Institute’s program supplied my staff, not only helped welcome 2 new licensed insurance professionals into a career but provided the education and confidence they needed."

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Self-Study This option is best for someone who prefers to learn at their own pace. Without any formal instruction, the ideal student for this option needs to be self-motivated. Our self-study kit includes the required textbooks and an online tutorial with practice questions. Learn on your own, at your own pace, and schedule your exam when you feel prepared. Click here to purchase.

Please note:
We also offer a slower paced 10-day class which is available upon request and with a minimum number of students required. For information about availability and pricing, please contact Jessica Hache , the IIPEI Licensing Administrator .