Bulletproof Your Goals - Webinar (EST)


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Date and Time: juin 09, 2020 11:00am - 1:00pm EST

Do you find yourself setting goals, drumming up big ideas which you are super pumped for in the moment? You tell yourself this is the year it’s going to happen, this is my time to shine and prove I got this. Then days, weeks, months go by that goal becomes a distant memory, you’re in the same spot you were not too long ago, without progress or sense of accomplishment. This is the case for many of us as we struggle to set clear goals and actually stick to them. Join us as we welcome David Leadbetter, who will lead us through the process of setting goals and how to achieve them. It’s not about the technical aspect here, it’s how David will help you unlock human potential, while providing you the edge needed to produce incredible results personally and professionally.

Seminar Leader:
David Leadbetter
President, Lawrie Insurance Group

CE hours : 2 Management (Pending)

Get to Know Your Presenter:

As President of Lawrie Insurance Group, David Leadbetter has redefined the essence of a prodigiously effective leader. With more than 15 years’ experience as a top producer and business trailblazer, his forward-looking approach to risk management and risk solutions has allowed him to form strong interpersonal relationships with symbolic insurer executives. With this experience, he has been able to bring out the depth of every individual he works with, while maximize their full potential – he uncovers more than the anticipated, leaving each of them full of limitless possibilities.

David has led instrumental nation-wide practices involving international brokerages, honing his ability to create best-in-class, bespoke insurance programs for Lawrie Insurance Group clients. His innovative viewpoint on business leadership has garnered him the Top 35 under 35 from the Business Insurance Magazine of Canada.

David mixes holistic health methods and a martial arts mindset as a whole-person approach to growing organic talent while generating triple-digit increases in any sales organization. As a two-time gold medal titleholder, winning a Canadian Martial Arts Championship, representing Canada on the world stage, David strives to instill perseverance and discipline in those he leads while implementing a lead-with-love management style to foster a structured and nurturing environment.

David has presented across North America to some of the top independent insurance and sales organizations, educating CEO’s, leaders, and senior management to re-engage senior staff and speak to the younger generation. His sales seminars embrace the proprietary sales system which will provide the tools to reverberate the program’s proven success. This all-encompassing leadership lifestyle is transferable to any sales organization and will leave your staff healthier, happier, and more in-tune with their personal wellbeing, stimulating their ability to grow as a professional.

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