Thriving in a Hard Market


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Date and Time: mars 03, 2020 10 am - 12 pm EST


In this CIP Society panel-style webinar, you’ll learn how insurance markets change course over time and get an overview of the factors that lead to a hard insurance market (causes, signs and symptoms). You’ll also learn strategies for coping with increased pricing, policyholder emotion, marketing strategies and tactics for communication to keep customers in the know.

The session will also take a look at current issues in commercial and personal lines that are impacting the market. We’ll touch on a number of issues, including claims experience, global weather patterns, new threats (cyber), technology, AI and the sharing economy. You’ll also learn how the reinsurance market may impact the depth and duration of the hard market cycle. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the speakers throughout the presentations.

Brokers will learn : How to get the underwriter’s attention and suggestions for marketing, how to deal with client emotion, and managing exhaustion in the process. Brokers will also get communication tips to help them retain customers.

Underwriters will learn:Tips on how to communicate with brokers, maintain etiquette, triage files and optimize their portfolio. They’ll also learn tips for communicating their underwriting decision.

MGAs will learn:How market forces and the hard market affect the insurance industry and customers.

You will walk away from this session being able to:

- Describe market forces that lead to hard and soft insurance markets
- Explain the role of reinsurance in market pricing
- Explain the role of catastrophes and government intervention in insurance market conditions
- Triage and prioritize work based on market conditions
- Communicate effectively with clients and stakeholders
- Apply techniques to help avoid burnout

Seminar Speakers:

Bob Tisdale , COO, Pembridge Insurance Company and Pafco Insurance Company
Ross Totten , President & CEO, HRT Insurance Consulting Inc.
Gillian Van Kempen , President & COO, Best Buy Insurance


Jason Foroglou , Director, Ivantage Insurance Brokers

RIBO CE Hours: 1.5 or 2 RIBO hours (pending)

-Your 2019-2020 Insurance Institute of Ontario membership must be up-to-date.
Fees noted below do not include HST.

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