The Driverless Frontier

Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia

250 Baker Drive, Suite 220, Dartmouth, NS, B2W 6L4 [Carte]
Date and Time: novembre 19, 2019 9 - 10:30 a.m.
Kenneth Cowie, Forensic Engineering Specialist
Kodsi Forensic Engineering


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This presentation will take you through the backbone of driverless vehicle technology - The Event Data Recorder (a.k.a the black box). You will learn about the types of data these recorders hold, the vehicles that have accessible EDR's, and how crash data can be used to effectively answer the following questions:
   * How
fast was the vehicle travelling before impact?
   * Did the driver brake before impact?
   * Were seatbelts used?
How severe was the crash?

Kenneth will also explore the field of driverless cars from a crash reconstructionist's perspective:

   * An overview of the safety concerns of driverless cars
   * The evolution of the collision mitigation systems
   * How driverless cars operate
   * How semi to fully autonomous vehicles will affect the analysis of claims today and into the future

Seminar Leader:
Kenneth Cowie, B.Sc.E.
Forensic Engineering Specialist
Kodsi Forensic Engineering

Kodsi Engineering is an industry leading, Canada-wide crash reconstruction and forensic engineering service provider. Kenneth's specialties includes collision reconstruction, roadway safety and design. He is Kodsi's Atlantic Canada expert and actively participates in education efforts through research, training, and speaking engagements.

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