Rules & Regulations of the Online Midterm Supervisor Agreement

Please read carefully

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As a student registered for a virtual class, you are required to complete an online midterm examination This examination is to be supervised by your direct manager, who must be present at all times during your examination. If your direct manager is not available, you may find an alternative manager from your place of employment to proctor instead. If you are unable to secure a manager from your place of employment to proctor your exam, you must make arrangements to write at your local chapter office.

You and your examination supervisor (proctor) must read and agree to all of the Rules and Regulations below.
By logging in and completing the mandatory Online Midterm Supervision Agreement form, you indicate your and your proctor’s agreement to these rules and regulations.

Just prior to the exam, students are encouraged to have their supervisor read and sign a form [PDF] that states they understand the consequences. The form would then be retained by the student for their records.

Rules and Regulations

• IMPORTANT: The student’s supervisor must be physically present in the same room for the full duration of the exam, and supervise the student at ALL times during the examination. The exam supervisor must be the student's direct manager, or an alternative manager from the student's place of employment.

Please note: Our exam process is audited, and if they leave the room for any reason, the student’s examination will result in a disqualification and they will end up with a grade of zero. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their supervisor is aware of what is required of them as exam proctor and fulfills the requirements at the time of the exam. Please see the list of rules and regulations relating to online virtual midterm exams. We recommend students have their supervisor read and sign an agreement form prior the exam, which the student can keep for their records in the case of an audit.

• Supervisors must have an accessible view of the computer monitor screen at ALL times for the full duration (90 minutes) of the exam.

• Students must have a private computer terminal not visible to or shared by others to complete the midterm exam.

• Students must have access to a quiet exam environment.

• Candidates may not use or have in their possession or vicinity any unauthorized or illegitimate materials or information, nor make any attempt to obtain such, during the examination.

• Candidates may not provide any information about an examination that they have written to another candidate who is about to write the same examination at the same exam session.

• Candidates may not hide or place, or arrange to have hidden or placed, any unauthorized or illicit material that may be accessed by themselves or others during the examination.

• Course texts, dictionaries, books, notes, papers or other matter whatsoever are prohibited from use during the midterm exam and in the designated area, as are cameras, telephones, personal digital assistants, MP3 Players, smart phones, mobile devices, iPods, pagers, cellular equipment or any other electronic device.

• Students are not permitted to access any other websites, computer programs or files for the duration of the examination.

• Calculators are permitted for use in the examinations provided they are math-only, non-programmable, silent and battery operated. The supervisor will rule on a calculator’s admissibility.

• Communication of any kind between students, or with anyone other than the supervisor, during the examination is prohibited.

• The supervisor must not assist or guide the student in any manner regarding the examination.

• Students may only leave the designated examination area if accompanied by the supervisor or after they have completed and/or submitted their on-line midterm examination.

• All contact with the Learning Technologies Team during the examination must be made by your Examinations Supervisor. Students who contact the team will be asked to have their supervisor call back to receive assistance.