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Fahed Malik
Directeur, marketing et communications
L’Institut d’assurance du Canada
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Communicating with clients: Ditch the emojis! LOL, Canadian Underwriter, June 9, 2021
In a virtual world, don’t lose your humanity: insurer exec, Canadian Underwriter, June 1, 2021


Technology no substitute for human touch, Thompson's World Insurance News, May 31, 2021
Institute impressed with hackathon entrants, Thompson's World Insurance News, May 24, 2021
IIC Student Hackathon showcases bright future for insurance, Insurance Business Canada, May 21, 2021
MGAs poised for growth in Canada, Thompson's World Insurance News, May 17, 2021
Brown expects problems with no-fault in B.C., Thompson's World Insurance News, May 10, 2021
When humans team up with machines, P&C innovation wins, Canadian Underwriter, May 4, 2021


Why change in P&C is a difficult proposition: The innovator’s dilemma, Canadian Underwriter, April 19, 2021
RIBO exams available online through institute, Thompson's, April 14, 2021
Ontario insurance brokers can now register online for RIBO licensing exams, Insurance Business Canada, April 9, 2021


Explain how AI leads to underwriting decisions, report urges, Canadian Underwriter, March 31, 2021
Insurers urged in new report to use AI and data wisely, Thompson's World Insurance News, March 29, 2021
Fewer brokers in 10 years, insurance company exec predicts, Canadian Underwriter, March 24, 2021
AI, big data analytics expected to transform the insurance industry in the next 10 years – IIC, Insurance Business Canada, March 23, 2021
Tips for accelerating your insurance career, Canadian Underwriter, March 17, 2021
Why you need to define your personal brand early in your career, Canadian Underwriter, March 16, 2021
Heather Masterson, Travelers Canada, Canadian Underwriter, March 9, 2021
Tina Gardiner, The Regional Municipality of York, Canadian Underwriter, March 9, 2021
Voices of P&C Women: Introduction, Canadian Underwriter, March 8, 2021
How to handle three made-in-COVID client situations, Canadian Underwriter, March 8, 2021


Why getting involved with the IBAO was an easy 'yes' for this broker, Insurance Business Canada, February 10, 2021
Licensing exams now offered in a virtual format, Canadian Underwriter, February 9, 2021
IIC celebrates students' success and resilience during the pandemic, Insurance Business Canada, February 2, 2021


Institute prepared to address emerging industry issues, Thompson's, January 11, 2021

Institute teams with RIBO for online exams, Thompson's, January 4, 2021



Canadian MGA association hires new managing director, Canadian Underwriter, November 6, 2020


Thompson elected chair of Insurance Institute, Thompson's, October 26, 2020
Travelers Canada CEO: Earn your stripes and respect will follow, Insurance Business Canada, October 8, 2020
Watch out for litigation funding in Canada, industry execs warn, Canadian Underwriter, October 2, 2020


Expectations and relevancy: What’s at risk for the P&C industry, Canadian Underwriter, September 30, 2020
Leaders from all backgrounds find opportunities to develop their careers at Navacord, Insurance Business Canada, September 14, 2020


What brokers can do more of to help their clients protect against flood risk, Canadian Underwriter, August 27, 2020


Peter Hohman talks education on The Insurance Podcast, July 10, 2020


Gradual automation approach questioned, Thompson's, June 8, 2020
How COVID-19 is changing the P&C talent landscape, Canadian Underwriter, June 3, 2020


Insurance Institute of Canada now offers broker licensing exams online, Insurance Business Canada, May 26, 2020
Seminar explores 'black box' technology, Thompson's, May 18, 2020
Broker licensing exams now available in online format, Canadian Underwriter, May 15, 2020


Working online may affect E&O claims & Pandemic expected to extend hard market, Thompson's, April 27, 2020


What COVID-19 means for your insurance education, Canadian Underwriter, March 26, 2020
Insurance Institute delays exam sessions until June, Thompson's, March 19, 2020
Broker returns to her roots to spread awareness about insurance, Insurance Business Canada, March 24, 2020


Weather claims expected to double in a decade, Thompson's, February 10, 2020
Flood risk explored at CatIQ conference, Thompson's, February 10, 2020
How climate change may heat up your liability lines, Canadian Underwriter, February 7, 2020
This is how much severe weather claims could cost in 10 years, Canadian Underwriter, February 3, 2020
How to attract the talent you need to drive your brokerage forward, Saskatchewan Broker, January, 2020


When OSFI will reissue proposed draft reinsurance rules, Canadian Underwriter, January 21, 2020
Should the industry have a specific line of business for ‘catastrophe’?, Canadian Underwriter, January 16, 2020
Insurance Institute offering new and revamped programs, Thompson's, January 6, 2020


Top 5 Canadian P&C insurance appointments in 2019, December 20, 2019
Why recruitment experts say brokers need to change their image, Canadian Underwriter, December 3, 2019
Are young industry pros being set up to fail?, Canadian Underwriter, November 28, 2019
Aggregators: friends of brokers or foes?, Canadian Underwriter, November 26, 2019
What key skill brokers can’t afford to forget, Canadian Underwriter, November 25, 2019
A new way to make insurance for high-risk homes in flood plains affordable, Insurance Business Canada, November 14, 2019
Alberta finally introduces equivalencies for broker licensing, Insurance Business Canada, November 12, 2019
Alberta council approves courses for licensing, Thompson's, November 11, 2019
Top Canadian insurance execs weigh-in on MGA licensing issue, Insurance Business Canada, November 6, 2019
Set Your Sights on What’s Ahead for the Insurance Industry in 2020, Canadian Underwriter, November 5, 2019
What carrier CEOs said when asked if MGAs should be regulated,Canadian Underwriter, November 1, 2019
IIC elects new board members,Insurance Business Canada, October 31, 2019
War for talent: Does the P&C industry need reinforcements?, Canadian Underwriter, October 30, 2019
How new equivalencies for Alberta broker wannabes will work, Canadian Underwriter, October 30, 2019
What’s changed about Millennials in the workplace?, Canadian Underwriter, October 17, 2019
Institute set to continue MGA program roll-out next year, Thompson's, October 14, 2019
Want to attract young talent? Here are some tips, Canadian Underwriter, October 15, 2019
This regulator’s new approach to innovation, Canadian Underwriter, October 11, 2019
How to explore the forgotten realm of personal cyber coverage, Canadian Underwriter, October 9, 2019
What concerns the Ontario regulator about OSFI’s proposed reinsurance guidelines, Canadian Underwriter, October 3, 2019
Regulator reviewing the role of MGAs in the sales process, Canadian Underwriter, October 2, 2019
Preventing distracted driving is a top priority for brokers, Canadian Underwriter, October 1, 2019
What the latest distracted driving numbers from Desjardins mean, Canadian Underwriter, September 24, 2019
Why this insurer gives workers 10 extra personal days off a year, Canadian Underwriter, Sept 23, 2019
Tisdale believes in traditional players, Thompson's World Insurance News, Sept 20, 2019
Now that we’ve got Millennials working in the P&C industry, how do we keep them? Canadian Underwriter, Sept 12, 2019
Broker breaks barriers in Ontario’s insurance market Insurance Business, Sept 4, 2019
Brokers, why build tech on your own when you can partner with an insurtech? Canadian Underwriter, Aug 30, 2019
This insurance CEO says fully autonomous cars still ‘decades away’, Canadian Underwriter, Aug 23, 2019
How one organization helped plug a major talent gap in insurance, Insurance Business Canada, Aug, 2019
Going after Geeks, Canadian Underwriter, Feb, 2019
Retirement: How “Freedom 55” may become “Freedom 65+”, Canadian Underwriter, May 30, 2019
Insurance Institute of Canada updates programming in response to industry trends, Insurance Business Canada, March 14, 2019
Institute serves up a new look to insurance education, Canadian Underwriter, March 12, 2019

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