Social Media Guidelines

At the Insurance Institute, our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our members and to lead within the insurance industry. This goal extends to our activities in online communities and social networks. The Insurance Institute will:

  1. Listen carefully to suggestions and concerns, and respond to queries in a timely fashion.
  2. Strive for accuracy, transparency and accountability in our words and actions online.
  3. Respect privacy by not discussing private or confidential matters in online spaces.
  4. Continue to conduct our communications in an honest and respectful manner.

The Insurance Institute encourages members of our communities to participate with us on social platforms and share their thoughts, photos, videos, and other content with our community. To ensure a positive experience for all involved, the following policies will be enforced:

•  The Institute reserves the right to delete material deemed disruptive, offensive and to block consistently disruptive users.
•  Please remain respectful of others within the Institute’s online communities and adhere to the various social platforms’ terms of use'

     1. Content posted must not be sexually explicit or suggestive, violent, or derogatory to members of any ethnic, racial,   gender, religious, or age group or sexual orientation. 
    2.  Content posted to the Institute’s social properties reflects the views of the individual posters and does not reflect the views of the Institute. 
    3.  Content that is overtly sales-oriented, spam, or that does not add value will be removed. 
    4.  By posting to any of the Institute’s social properties, you agree that the Institutes and its affiliates may use, reuse, edit or modify content, including ideas and suggestions about the Institute’s services and product offerings, and that you have permission to post such content, including permission from original creators.