National Leadership Award – Nomination deadline is coming up on June 1

This time of the year, the CIP Society begins to receive the first of the applications for the annual National Leadership Awards. The Selection Committee is very excited to “meet” this year’s nominees through the contents of the nomination packages – to learn about their contributions to their places of work, to the insurance industry, and to their respective communities. ""

A nominator plays an important role in painting an accurate picture of the nominee to help the Committee understand all the reasons his or her leadership is worth celebrating. A nominator can rally the nominee’s supporters from all walks of life to help present the various aspects of his or her successes. While it can be easy to describe a nominee’s contributions to his or her work and industry life, finding out about community contributions can require a little bit of detective work.

Our previous award recipients have been involved in some very special extra-curricular activities, including many who have spearheaded major charity events, such as the Starlight Insurance Gala (Carla Blackmore), and the AVIVA Stair Climb for the United Way (Ron Bouwmeister). Two of our past recipients, Greg Thierman and Anne-Marie Deschènes, have shaved their heads in support of cancer research. You can read about all our recipients’ achievements by visiting our Leadership Circle page and reading individual leader profiles.

If you are interested in nominating for this year’s awards, it’s not too late. Please download our updated nomination guide to help you manoeuvre the nomination process. As a reminder, you do not need to be a CIP Society member to nominate a member for the award.

Nominations will be accepted until end of day Monday, June 1, 2015. Good luck to all nominators and nominees!

Posted by CIP Society on 5/12/2015