Helping your employees navigate their career options.

The intent of mycareer is to provide a robust platform targeted to early career professionals (first five to ten years) in the industry. That being said, it really is applicable to anyone seeking information to support advancing their career and mapping their education pathways in the p & c insurance sector.

Be sure to check out these comprehensive resources and explore ways that you might be able to use them in your work with your employees. mycareer comprises:

Career Maps - 12 in total

  • Seven maps, one for each of the industry’s core operational roles, are aligned to four phases of career development and seven career competency areas.
  • Three maps -- for appraiser, loss control specialist and risk manager -- are aligned to two phases of career development, based on the level of knowledge, skills and experience you would already have acquired within insurance or from another industry sector or profession, before taking on the role.
  • Two maps, for each of People Management and Technical Management, are aligned to three phases of career development and five career competency areas.
  • A summary sheet for each role is available as a downloadable PDF.
TIP: The summary sheets can be a great tool for career previewing or for starting a conversation with an employee about their career path.

Educational Pathways

  • An infographic detailing the educational offerings of the Insurance Institute aligned to the phases of career development outlined on the Career Maps. This is useful to learners (and managers) in determining what educational goals to pursue when and next.

Tools For Career Management

  • Eight assessment tools and five tip sheets designed to encourage discovery and constructivist learning in areas underpinning effective career management such as: gaining career perspective and assessing readiness for career advancement, understanding values and motivators, identifying learning style and strategies for knowledge building, exploring core skills and competencies, preparing for a performance appraisal, and demonstrating leadership competencies.

Storytelling in our Experience Speaks section

  • Collection of 26 videos (both short ‘Speakers Corner’ and longer ‘Career Chats’) with industry professionals sharing their insights and career perspectives.
  • Blog for conversations and questions.

If you have questions or want to explore how these tools could be leveraged to complement initiatives within your own organization, please contact us at