Mentoring can contribute to employee engagement.

"I think the industry is full of mentors . . .[Insurance] is very much a people business
and I think the people that have been around the business for a long time
are really open and willing to help new people early in their careers."
~ Julie Pingree, BA, CIP [watch Julie's video here]

Mentoring has the potential to play a significant role in your employee's career management. Formal or informal opportunities within your organization can be of benefit to not only mentees but mentors as well. Mentors are often able to share their subject matter expertise, can assist mentees’ in managing their working relationships effectively or building their professional network, offer guidance to support mentees’ continued knowledge building and skill development, or can even serve as a sounding board when it comes to a mentees’ career decision making.

To encourage industry professionals to seek out and benefit from mentoring, we built mentoring into the career maps. Regardless of their role or which phase of their career path they are in, we've identified potential goals and/or benefits that a mentee or mentor may seek or gain from a mentoring relationship.

You will want to ensure your employees are familiar with any mentoring resources that you your company already has in place to support mentoring.

To support organizations in developing in-house mentoring programs, the Insurance Institute's CIP Society provides best practices, tools and resources -- for mentees, mentors and organizations -- to facilitate effective mentoring relationships. Check out mentoring ADVANTAGE