Continuing to hone your skills and competencies is critical to advancing your insurance career.

It is good practice to take some time to assess your strengths and to understand what skills and experiences are important in your current role. Think about how you demonstrate your skills on the job and communicate about your experiences in relation to your day-to-day work and career goals. This can be particularly helpful at performance appraisal time, when talking about developmental or stretch assignments or in a career conversation with your manager.

The resources below can help you set a course for your next development/career goals. You will likely find it helpful to revisit these exercises on at least an annual basis to help you evaluate your progress.


My Skills & Experience Assessment Tool is intended to provide a framework for identifying your core skills and competencies, doing a little bit of a ‘gap analysis’, and helping you to shape the beginnings of a skills development plan based on the outcomes of the assessment.

My Skills and Experience Tip Sheet outlines some suggestions for goal setting, articulating how you demonstrate a particular skill set, and building your skills and experience profile both on and off the job or through learning and development.