Acquiring and applying knowledge can be your career edge.

         "I wouldn't have done all that I've done without my continuing professional education. My education and my training opened up my horizons."
~ Muhammad Farooq Khan, MBA, CPCU, ARM, CITIP, ACII
   "I think personal development is your key to not only increase your self-confidence but to increase your marketability. You want to be that trusted advisor, to help your clients. By continuing your education and always challenging yourself, you're always on that cutting edge."
~ Darlene Diplock, CIP, CAIB, CRM

In the insurance industry, continuous learning is critical given the ever-evolving nature of the business. Building knowledge, learning through formal and informal education and on-the-job training are most often thought of as the way to advance a career. 

Afterall, establishing a sound technical foundation and adding layers of subject matter expertise and expanded modes of thinking about the business of insurance has been a proven model for contributing to career success since the industry’s inception and is at the heart of what shapes the Education Pathways available through the Insurance Institute.

Based on where you are in your role and where you ultimately want to go in the insurance industry, you can determine which education path of professional learning and development offerings will help you to excel and realize your career goals.

Two important factors which can influence your success in furthering your insurance knowledge are your learning style and study skills. The resources below will help you understand how to get the most out of your knowledge development. You will likely find it beneficial to revisit these resources each time you are planning to pursue a new formal learning opportunity such as a higher licensing level, certificate, or designation, or are moving into a new role.


My Learning Style Assessment Tool and My Study Skills Assessment Tool will help you to better understand these factors and their relationship to you and your overall career success in greater detail.

My Knowledge Tip Sheet has been developed to help put you on the right path for success by optimizing the impact of your learning.