What motivates you and what you value will influence your career journey.


"What do you value? What are you passionate about? Because if you're not passionate about something or you don't value it, chances are you're not going to be successful with it.
~ Bob Tisdale, MBA, FCIP, CRM, ICD.D

It is important to understand that what motivates you today (e.g. opportunity for advancement, the people you work with, financial rewards, or flexibility to accommodate the needs of your family) can differ greatly at various phases in your career. Whereas, what you value (e.g. ethics and integrity, autonomy, challenge) tends to stay more constant. Both can impact your overall satisfaction in your work as an insurance professional.

Pausing to reflect on both of these influencers (particularly when you are faced with a career decision) is an important part of effectively managing your career.

Being able to articulate your career motivators and values is particularly helpful when you are:

  • Discussing your current role and future career goals with mentors, your manager, or HR professionals.
  • Evaluating whether a particular opportunity is a ‘fit’ for you.
  • Communicating what you need to feel content, motivated and comfortable in your work.


My Career Motivators Assessment Tool and My Values Assessment Tool have been designed to help you assess how your career motivators and values factor into both your role today and what may lie ahead in your insurance career.