Knowing where you are and where you want to go helps you map your career journey.

To help you determine what career path is right for you or what next steps to take along your path, mycareer has created multiple self-assessment tools that can help you evaluate your unique combination of skills, education, experience and interests.

In this section, you will find a comprehensive suite of tools and tip sheets designed to help you to gain perspective on your career to date, understand your values and motivators, and confirm how you best learn and synthesize information. You will also have the chance to assess your leadership competencies. 


"One of the best tips that I received so far, and that I always try to remind myself, is to take your professional career as a journey. And not a destination."
~ Simon Charbonneau, B.Comm, FCIP, CRM


"While I was learning about claims and learning about the industry, that's when I knew that I wanted to get into management. And that's really the only time in my career, that I can recall, going after a job . . . and so about ten years after I started in the business, I became a manager and I have been in management ever since."
~ Pat Van Bakel, BA, CIP

You will notice that these tools complement the Career Maps for each of the core operational roles in the industry and for People Management and Technical Management. They are organized so you can explore your career from a big picture perspective or focus in on one or more relevant aspects.

TIP: If you are newer to insurance and perhaps a little unsure about where your interests, skills, and experiences may fit best within the insurance industry, you might find it helpful to start your exploration with this quiz. You can also explore the career resources available through the Insurance Institute’s Career Connections program to help you find your place in insurance.