Navigating your Career in Claims

Are you currently in a claims role or looking to move into one?
Whether you’re working as or aspiring to be a Claims Investigator, Loss Adjuster or an Appraiser, mycareer provides you with the resources you need to start exploring what’s next in your career!

Tips for Mapping Your Career Path in Claims

1. Explore the mycareer website. There is a LOT of great information here – but, Navigating the Maps and Definitions in the Maps sections can help orient you and get started in using the Career Maps. You can also view a recording of our Claims specific Webinar that will walk you through the whole site.

2. Check out the For Career Management Section to leverage the helpful Tip Sheets and Assessment Tools that will help you gauge where you are currently, explore where you might be headed and provide tips on how to get there.

3. Get advice from industry professionals themselves! Check out our Experience Speaks section to hear helpful advice and learn about the career trajectories of people from different backgrounds and in different roles.

For example: Claims Analyst Jobin Thomas shares advice, what drives his passion and motivation in his claims career and why he thinks professional development is so important in a fireside Career Chat!

We had claims on the mind, as we attended the OIAA’s Claims Conference in Toronto on Tuesday, January 31st to spread the word about the career mapping and educational pathway tools that are now available as a part of mycareer.

In addition we hosted three of our National Education Month Webinars, one focused on claims careers as referenced above. We introduced 300+ registrants to mycareer and walked through the resources available on the site! If you missed out on this webinar, there’s still time to sign up for the February 14th webinar which will provide a more general overview.

Lastly, mycareer was recently featured in the Claims issue of Canadian Underwriter, in an article about the benefits of career mapping for insurance professionals- click here to read the article.



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