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Top 4 tips for your next performance review

By Career Connections Manager, Trevor Buttrum

Sometimes, performance reviews can get a bad rap. They can feel intimidating or uncomfortable. But, I’d invite you to view them more as New Year’s Eve than Doomsday! Performance conversations are intended to be an opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and commit to continuous improvement.
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What Does Leadership Mean to Me?

By Guest Blogger Ben Eastman, BA, CIP

Say the word “leader” out loud. Close your eyes. What do you see? Some of us see a battle-hardened general; others see a crisp black suit. Some may see a new piece of technology, or a big building with bright letters.
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Nine Qualities of a Good Boss

By Guest Blogger Lynda Silk, BA, FCIP

When people ask me why I love working in insurance, there are so many reasons that come to mind such as great people, interesting work and so many opportunities. But one thing that is always very important to me is who I report to.
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