Advice to shape your career perspective and goals.


             “If it is to be. It is up to me.”
~ Pat Van Bakel, BA, CIP


              Don't be the flash in the pan. Don't be the one hit firecracker that goes off the one time and really flashes. [It's better to] be the steady light. And really look to be better every day.”
~ Ben Eastman, BA, CIP


  “If you want to get a seat at the table, you've got to pull up a chair. No one's going to notice that you're standing there. No one's going to offer you their seat. If you want something you have to ask for it.”
~ Tanya Diedrick, CIP, CRM
    "Be open to change and be prepared to push the envelope to continue to move the business forward. [Bring] passion and creativity and a willingness to continue to learn your craft."
~ Julie Pingree, BA, CIP