Foundation Foundation

Honing your craft

  • Be a ‘sponge’ to learning
  • Expose yourself to as many facets of your role as possible

Building Building

Build on your knowledge and experience

  • Increase capacity to manage accounts independently
  • Consider starting to specialize – learn as much as you can about options available (e.g. business lines, products, etc.)
  • Prepare for multiple possibilities to keep your future career options open

Enhancing Enhancing

Assessing what lies ahead

  • Consider your skills and experience when making decisions about next steps; what feels right for you? Specializing, diversifying, taking on new challenges like people leadership, business development or other?
  • Set a goal and work towards it
  • Talk to your manager or HR for additional support

Mastery Mastery

Explore ways to share your expertise
  • Evaluate which ‘track’ feels in keeping with your goals - technical specialist or operational leader?
  • Consider leveraging your expertise in Business Development / Sales, Risk Management, Loss Control, or Claims.