People Management

"" Foundation

Transitioning from ‘individual contributor’ to ‘team leader’
  • As in your early career, be a ‘sponge’ to learning, log experience miles, and ask questions
  • Understand and drive the business expectations / goals for your team
  • Set a positive and engaging tone
  • Consider how you can engage and contribute to the broader industry

Emerging Emerging

Leading and being a role model to your team members / colleagues
  • Grow more comfortable with the management of people and operational leadership
  • Understand and drive the business expectations / goals for your team
  •  Develop solutions for operational challenges and to drive outcomes for your department / organization forward.
  • Consider engaging the industry and volunteering in ways that continue to build your leadership competency (eg. serve as a member of a local council / national task force or fundraising for community organizations, etc.)


Established Established

Realizing your leadership potential through legacy building, supporting succession planning / knowledge transfer, and strategic leadership
  • Hone in on self-awareness to support your leadership of your team / continued development
  • Check your team’s work against the direction and vision of the organization to inform your decisions / approach to leadership
  • Consider senior leadership / executive positions in your industry engagement and volunteer endeavours (eg. national council / board of governors, President of your professional association, etc.)