Broker/Agent - Service

Foundation Foundation

Hone your craft
Be a ‘sponge’ to learning
Expose yourself to as many facets of your role as possible
  • If you are coming to insurance from a background in customer service, growing your insurance knowledge to complement your experience will be key to your success
  • Some organizations may blend both sales and service in their broker / agent roles; may be useful to also review Broker / Agent – Sales Stream Career Map to benchmark where you are now and plan for future goals

Building Building

Build on your knowledge and experience
Increase your ability to manage client needs with more independence
  • Maintain balance between sales / production and relationship management
  • Consider starting to specialize – learn as much as you can about options available (e.g. business lines, products, etc.)
  • Prepare for multiple possibilities to keep your options open

Enhancing Enhancing

Assess what lies ahead
  • Continue to foster capacity to manage client relationships, enhance products / coverages, and leverage industry connections to your clients' advantage
  • Assess your skills and experience when making decisions about next steps; what feels right for you?
  • Consider specializing, diversifying, taking on new challenges like people leadership, business development, etc.
  • Set a goal and work towards it
  • Talk to your manager or HR for additional support

Mastery Mastery

Explore ways to share your expertise
  • Evaluate which ‘track’ feels in keeping with your goals - technical specialist or operational leader?
  • Consider leveraging your expertise in Underwriting, Risk Management, or even the Sales Stream within the Broker / Agent role