Mastery Mastery

Hone your broader operational and insurance knowledge
  • Recognize that your actions and decisions may define modelling practice, reserving/rates, or shift focus for your team
  • Consider pursuing your CIP or Risk Management Certificate (if interested in leading functions in Underwriting, Risk Management, etc.)
  • Enhance your insurance knowledge, interpersonal skills and management / leadership development through offerings of the Insurance Institute
  • Ensure you are meeting CE requirements to maintain actuarial designations
Next Steps
  • Recommit to continuous learning and development
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Foundation Foundation

Grow your knowledge of actuarial and insurance fundamentals
  • Consult with Canadian Institute of Actuaries and your company about responsibilities in maintaining educational record; be clear on the process and ensure Probability and Financial Math exam results are included
  • Complete your VEE (if you did not complete an Actuarial Science degree, there is a list of accredited institutions on the CAS website)
  • Apply learning from your studies, Insurance Institute programs (such as GIE), training offered by your company, or other work experience
Next Steps
  • Prepare for Financial Economic Models and Construction & Evaluation of Actuarial Models exams
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Building Building

Build specialized knowledge to help manage increasing complexity of models in your lines of business
Next Steps
  • Consider specialized continuing education to augment your learning and expertise based on your lines of business, area of practice or specialty within your organization (e.g. Automobile, Property, Casualty, Liability, etc.)
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Enhancing Enhancing

Enhance your knowledge to work with complex and multifaceted models
  • Complete your FCIA / FCAS designation by completing:
  • Exams - Estimation of Policy Liabilities, Insurance Company Valuation, and Enterprise Risk Management; Advanced Rate Making; and, Financial Risk and Rate of Return.
  • CE requirements - Ensure you are fulfilling requirements to maintain actuarial designations
Next Steps
  • Consider taking the Advanced CIP's Critical Thinking course, the Risk Management Certificate, Management / Leadership courses, or other continuing education offerings through the Insurance Institute to help you excel
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