mycareer can show you what's possible
and can help you assess what's right for you.

If you're in insurance today, you're fortunate to be in an industry that offers career paths that point in virtually every direction. The ultimate goal of mycareer is to help you find a career path that will let you excel for yourself and for your company. The better you fit, the better you'll do.

Ultimately, you own your career and have the opportunity to influence and steer it in the direction you want to go.

To help you consider and make decisions related to your career in the insurance sector, the Insurance Institute has developed a series of 12 Career Maps. There is a career map for each of the core operational roles in insurance, as well as maps for roles in people management and technical management. They are intended to provide you with a point of reference to:

  • determine where you are now in your insurance career
  • set both short and longer term career goals
  • identify concrete steps you can take to help you get there.

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Each map explores a variety of career competency areas at different phases of your career. The Career Path Chart towards the end of each map offers more detailed information and allows you to compare and contrast each of career competency area at different phases of career in the role you are exploring. There is also Downloadable Summary as a part of each map for you to use in career conversations with your manager, HR team, and mentors.

TIP: Consider posting the Summary in your cubicle or office as a visual cue and reminder of the goals you are working towards.

The Career Maps are also meant to complement tools and resources that may already be available in your organization. You can use them in concert with what your HR department has in place and may find that they help inform and complement each other.

For more information on the construct of the maps, click here.

TIP: You might want to keep these things in mind when using the career maps:

  • There are multiple factors and influences that can impact your career. The suggestions we offer are meant to help you identify and reach your career goals. But they're not guarantees. 

  • Your insurance career does not need to be, and likely won’t be, a linear progression. We suggest that you explore multiple possibilities, be open minded to opportunity and think about what feels right for you at each phase of your career.

  • The Career Maps will give you insights into the scope and breadth of roles that may interest you. You may want to consult multiple maps during your decision-making process. 

  • While you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your career, you are not alone. Having conversations with trusted advisors, your manager, HR, mentors, and colleagues can go a long way in helping you to best understand where you are in your career and what it will take to navigate the future.