2022 Research Report: Managing Risk

Explore the future of Risk Management in Insurance

The Insurance Institute is pleased to release the latest publication in the Emerging Issues research report series, Managing Risk: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada.

Authored by Paul Kovacs, Senior Researcher at the Insurance Institute, Managing Risk is an important analysis of:

•    Government intervention in the auto industry,
•    Flood and fire claims in a changing climate,
•    The rise of cyber attacks,
•    The COVID-19 pandemic,
•    And much more.

The report provides a broad perspective on enterprise risk management in insurance industry and offers 5 recommendations for p&c organizations.

The report answers 6 important questions about Risk:

   1. What is Enterprise Risk Management?
   2. What are the tools used to manage risk?
   3. How do insurers manage their own risk?
   4. How does regulation affect risk management?
   5. Is the purpose of insurance changing?
   6. How can insurers help customers manage risk?

Risk Management keeps organizations healthy and profitable

Insurers and their clients need to feel secure discussing risk, whether it’s insurance, operational, financial, or strategic risk. Read the report to discover how creating and fostering a positive risk culture is essential to your enterprise.

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