Demographic Research

An insider’s view into issues impacting Canada’s P&C Insurance Industry.

The Insurance Institute of Canada has partnered with the Conference Board of Canada to take a deep dive into the issues that face Canada’s Insurance Industry.

This new data allows business leaders to gain understanding of their employees. Organizations will be able to create business strategies that align with current statistical analysis of our industry. Workers can gain a competitive advantage in their insurance careers.

What you will learn:
•  Top human resource (HR) issues surrounding employee satisfaction and recruitment
•  A forecast of retirements in the P&C industry in the top 15 occupations
•  Skills that are in demand now and will be in the future
•  The future of remote or hybrid work


Featuring Employee and HR Viewpoints

Surveys of industry employees and HR professionals provide insight into workforce recruitment and retention, and employee satisfaction. Top issues such as salaries, career development, mental health and inclusion support, and hybrid or remote work opportunities are explored through both perspectives.

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