The Conference Board of Canada Report

The Chartered Insurance Professional Designation:
Creating value for Employees and Employers

The p&c insurance industry is complex. It is an industry where sector-specific and technical insurance knowledge intersect. Helping to bridge that knowledge for p&c insurance employees is the Chartered Insurance Professional designation.

The Insurance Institute and the Conference Board of Canada interviewed more than 1,000 p&c insurance stakeholders to assess the effectiveness and value of the CIP designation. The following executive summary details the results of those interviews.

Key highlights from the report include:

• 76 percent of employers see a quantifiable return on their investment the CIP Program
• 80 percent of employees surveyed indicated that the CIP designation leads to better career prospects
• Over 70 percent of employers agree that job candidates with a CIP are more attractive potential hires
• 97 percent of employers report having some form of support for employees taking the CIP program
• Those who hold a CIP designation earn an average annual wage premium of about $8,000 per year more than their colleagues with a similar level of experience but without the designation

Download the report in PDF

Click below to view the infographics associated with the report. The infographics contains key stats according to the following audiences:
• Employers
• CIP graduates
• CIP students (future and current)
• P&C insurance customers

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