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As the premier provider of education to the p&c insurance industry, part of our role is to provide members and organizations with information required to make important business decisions. With this in mind, we periodically conduct and deliver research reports and trends papers on topical industry issues.

Climate Risks Report

3 risks, 6 questions, 3 recommendations

The Institute's new research report, Climate Risks: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada, provides an important analysis of the risks presented by extreme weather and climate change, and explores actions required by the industry to address them over the next 10 years and beyond.



3 Key Findings

The Institute's research report, Cyber Risks 2019: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada, builds on the findings of a 2015 report that assessed the state of cyber security and impacts on insurance. The new report analyses the risks in today’s market and finds a threat, an opportunity, and an issue for the industry to address. 


Talent and Technology are Driving Change

To better understand the implications of talent and technology on the industry's workforce, the Insurance Institute contracted the Conference Board of Canada for the 2017/18 Demographic Research and the 2018 Emerging Issues Research Report. Together, the two research reports provide a full perspective on the talent management opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for our industry. Find out more. 


emerging issues research series

The Insurance Institute is proud to publish the third in our series of Emerging Issues Research Reports, Sharing Economy: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada. This is a topic that is expected to ultimately bring extensive changes to the industry. Much preparation is needed, and the report recommends the industry start now. This report joins the two previous reports in the series on Cyber Risks and Automated Vehicles.



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The CIP Society is proud to make available a series of trends papers on emerging issues published monthly. Think of this as your easy-access, mobile friendly, online library to kick start your research on hot new topics.






Education and professional development are at the core of the p&c insurance industry. But what value does this commitment bring to employers, employees and the general public? To answer this question, the Insurance Institute commissioned the Conference Board of Canada to specifically look at the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation. Find out why the industry continues to strongly support the CIP designation and the importance of obtaining a CIP to further your insurance career.